Tanner Foust from “Top Gear” gives BYT’s Jenn Tisdale and Brandon Wetherbee a ride…
June 20, 2014

Jenn and I got a ride from Tanner Foust from Top Gear America.

New YMTE poster by Bill Connors
June 11, 2014

Tracy Morgan Interview
June 10, 2014
Dan Ronan live at the Hungry Brain
June 9, 2014

Dan Ronan live at the Hungry Brain

This is a re-run of a segment from a show recorded at the Hungry Brain in April 2011.

Dan Ronan passed away on Friday. Please read these posts by Joe McAdam and Drew Michael.

Live at the Wonderland Ballroom with Katie McD, Michael Saretsky, Rachel Dry, John F O’Donnell, Haywood Turnipseed Jr, Andrew Bouquet, Jamel Johnson
June 5, 2014
DCist Pick
May 23, 2014
Behind The Desk 123: What’s Your Inspiration?
New charlie deets Video

Friend of the show/person that designed this site/talented musician charlie deets has released a new music video for the song "tumblsquad."

charlie deets - tumblsquad from robot destroy on Vimeo.

Lisa Robinson Interview
May 21, 2014
Is This Actually Good? Atmosphere’s “Southsiders”
May 19, 2014
Final 8×8 at the Looking Glass Lounge
May 12, 2014

After 3-and-a-half years producing shows at the Looking Glass Lounge in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington D.C., the final 8x8 at the Looking Glass Lounge will be on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26. Come out. It's a fanastic lineup.

Hosted By Brandon Wetherbee

Guests include
Story teller Andrew Bucket
Musician Linsay Deming
Stand up Jamel Johnson
Story teller Natalie McGill
Performance person Perth O'Duibhdiorma
Stand up Jenn Tisdale
Story teller Jennifer Tress
Stand up Haywood Turnipseed Jr

Interview with Trevor Frye of Dram & Grain
May 7, 2014

I've written about my love of Jack Rose Saloon multiple times. Trevor Frye is a bartender at Jack Rose, manager of the basement bar in Jack Rose (Dram & Grain) and you may have seen him on Bar Rescue. He's a nice guy. Read the interview here.

Brian Regan Interview
April 23, 2014

I had a chat with one of the most successful working comedians: Brian Regan. Read it here.

Local H Interview
April 17, 2014

I've written about Local H more than any other band. I still enjoy writing about the band. Here's an interview with front man Scott Lucas.

Behind The Desk 122: Big C Culture Vs. Little C Culture
April 11, 2014
Live at the Wonderland Ballroom with Haywood Turnipseed Jr, Rick Taylor, Bill Metzger, Mike Smith, Andrew Bucket, Lies About
April 9, 2014
Should Twin Peaks Return?
April 8, 2014
Behind The Desk 121: Amy And Dave Forever
April 4, 2014
Live at The Creek and The Cave with Phoebe Robinson, Peter Heyneman, Sewing Machines
Meet Your Neighbors: Rachel Ewing

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