Behind the Desk

I write a weekly column for Brightest Young Things entitled "Behind the Desk." It's about my talk show and other talk shows and other stuff.

145: The Most Important SNL of 2016

144: Why I'm the Devil

142: Stock Photo of a Microphone

141: Bowie Has Died, Bowie Has Not Risen, Iggy Pop Will Come Again

139: Do You Want God in Late Night?

138: Go, Cubs, Go

135: Foul Ball Etiquette

134: You Know Each Other

133: Someone Needs To Not Care

132: Montage of Heck

131: Don't Save Twin Peaks

130: Recorded On A Boat

129: Steve Albini Is Still Right

127: Last Night I Saw A Band

126: 1979

125: Sometimes I Cut Things From The Podcast

124: You Don't Deserve Kanye

123: What's Your Inspiration?

122: Big C Culture Vs Little C Culture

121: Amy and Dave Forever

120: Why First Concerts Are Important

119: Facebook 10: Now I Follow Lies

118: Bad Boy Best Friends

117: New Year, New You, New Me!

116: A Christmas Song For All Occasions

115: Cool Dudes Doing Cool Dudes

114: Road Dog

113: Comedy Reviews Are Silly

112: Requiem For A Blockbuster*

111: This Pop Culture Critique Makes Me Want To Drink

110: A Simple Man

109: I Am An Arena Boy

108: Through The Never Is My Favorite Movie

107: That Time That Girl Twerked Herself On Fire

106: 30 For 300

88: Write Your Own Behind The Desk

87: Happy Birthday, Iron Sheik! #TeamSheikie

86: A Sausage Party On International Women's Day

85: Goodbye, #sorry

84: Furniture Is Greater Than Legacy

83: Help Me Understand Justin Timberlake

82: God Made A Talk Show Host

81: The Only Critique Of "Girls" You'll Ever Need

80: You, Me, Them, Everybody Just Wants To Fly On A Cruise

79: Sports Are Silly

78: Beavis, Butthead And Wilco

77: I Am Equal Parts Mr. Rogers And Katt Williams

76: Christmas Eve #withmydick

75: Thank You, NRA

74: Using Nirvana To Raise Money/Promote A Documentary

73: I Dreamed A Dream

72: Brandon Wetherbee: An Erotic Life

71: Thanksgiving At The DMV

70: Bad Show, Good Show, Medium Show, QOTSA Show

69: Election Day Songs

68: Happy To Be Here

67: Smells Like Jeremy's Parts of Two Princes Dead Humans


65: Goodbye 80s Pro Wrestling Love

64: American Idiot

63: Tig Notaro Lives

62: YOLO or Not

61: I Am Football

60: Trading Politics

59: Boobs, Hair, Love

58: My Fair Bubble

57: Kanye Is Right About Sex Tapes

56: I'm The Guy That Slept With All Of "Twilight

55: Let's Put On A Show

54: I Have A Cat In My Lap

53: What Happens In...

52: I've Learned Nothing

51: I Am Reggie Watts

50: The Godzilla Remix Project

49: Follow The Sound

48: The Shape of Punk to Come

47: How To Heckle

46: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

45: Last Show, Re-Introduction

44: As A Guest

43: Sharon Needles For President


41: Why This Is A Game Show

40: Before This Is A Game Show

39: Everything Is Terrible!

38: Poke The Bear

37: With Grohl In Mind

36 (V-Day Edition): Help Me, Iggy

35: Spotting Crazy In The Arts (Vol. 2)

34: The Influence Takes Over

33: Show Schedule or Why I'm Late

32: Eddie Brill is Common

31: J'ai Une Ame Solitaire

30: Behind the Bar

29: Top 5 for 2011

28: How To Enjoy Holiday Music

27: Uh-Oh/#tebowing

26: Dear Fallon, Grow A Pair

25: The Worst Thing Courtney Love Has Ever Done

24: I Was Once 14 or "Can I Have a Foo Fighters Ticket?"

23: Why I Should Be the Next Doctor (Who)

22: Spotting Crazy in the Arts Volume 1

21: Enter Sweet Jane

20: The Transcendence of Zooey Deschanel

19: 5 Ways to Improve SNL

18: Vibeology

17: Chicago in D.C.

16: Insane Clown Stripes

15: Vacation is Weird

14: Awkward (Gym) Music

13: 24/7 Pajamas”

12: Grocery Shopping for Material

11: Be Prepared

10: Soon I'll Be In The Air!

9: Time and Place


7: How to be a Good Guest

6: Gay Joke = Probably Lazy

5: Live! On Tape!

4: Mr. Rogers: The Body, The Blood, The Machine

3: "Talk Hard" or Why I decided to stop worrying and read "Pump Up the Volume" out loud

2: Turn It Down

Behind the Desk #1: This Is Why I Host a Talk Show